With Zeply, you can generate up to 3 unique Bitcoin addresses on your account to receive Bitcoin which is helpful if you would be receiving Bitcoin from different people or sources.

In order to add a Bitcoin address, you would need to navigate to the "Receive" tab and click on the + sign located near the Bitcoin address as shown below.  

Then, you would need to click the "Add new BTC Address" button to add another Bitcoin address. 
Kindly see an example below:

These Bitcoin Addresses can be used to receive Bitcoin manually. Another option would be to receive your "Bitcoin via QR Code". Your QR Code is a unique and downloadable code that can be sent to an external party. Bitcoin can be sent by scanning the code from a wallet provider's account.

Kindly note that any "Receive" activities can be found on the "Activities" tab. For further guidance regarding this, please click here.