One of Zeply's many features is the ability to purchase Bitcoin directly on our platform using your Credit/Debit Card. 

The following walkthrough will guide you through this process for you to tap into the most popular, ever growing cryptocurrency.

Before initiating your purchase, kindly ensure that you have successfully verified your account and added a Credit/Debit Card. If you require assistance with these steps, please visit the below links:

Zeply: How to Verify your Account
Zeply: Adding a Credit/Debit Card to your Account.

Start off by accessing the "Buy" tab on your account.

The card which will be used for this purchase is required in the first field. You are able to select between your saved cards by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Enter the amount you would like to purchase in the second field.

Please bear in mind that the minimum amount required is $/€/£20.

A live rate for the current price of Bitcoin is also visible for reference which will be used at the time of your purchase. 

When the amount is entered, it will automatically convert to Bitcoin to provide accuracy of the amount purchased.

If you are satisfied with the purchase, accept our Terms of Service and click on "Pay Now".

To confirm your payment click on "Proceed". If you are unsure about your purchase, you are able to select "Cancel" to return to your Zeply account.

For maximum security, confirm your card details by adding the requested information and click on "Pay Now" when ready.

You will receive an update within a few minutes to inform you if your payment has been successful or rejected.

If your payment is successful, your Bitcoin purchase will arrive in your BTC wallet.

Our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send your BTC can be found by clicking here.